Thank-you for visiting! We use our website to showcase some of our past and current creations. While we don't sell here, we do provide links to our Etsy store.

Most of our sales happen at shows throughout the Northwest USA. You can see the list to left for our upcoming show locations.

Sweater Tops & Coats

Sweater coats and tops are up-cycled from wools, cashmeres, cottons and other fine previously loved sweaters. See what's available at our Etsy store.

Denim Coats & Tops

Find your new favorite Wildly Wearable Jean Coat and Jacket at our Etsy store.

Other Apparel

We don't just create Sweater and Jean coats... see some of our other creations on our Etsy store.

Artists on a Mission...

  • Feeling and looking like you are One-of-a-kind.
  • Knowing that you have something to offer the world that is uniquely yours to share.
  • Marching to your own heartbeat.
YOU are who we create for.
We grew up in the country & it was natural to be frugal and to use what we had to get by, so it was an easy transition for us to find new and wonderful uses for quality items that may have otherwise been destined for the landfill.
We are artists on a mission!
We are also open to new and wonderfully creative ideas and suggestions. Please join our tribe of supportive, creative, imaginative wearers of art! Contact us & introduce yourself.
-Danette & Renee

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